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Have a knack for information.
Get information crazy. If you do not get information crazy, you can never become a Trillionaire. Information crazy people become Trillionaires, that’s people that read and assimilate as much information as possible daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

There is no difference between a man that cannot read and a man that can read but will not read. The internet is the global information highway. Exploit it like crazy. Live in it daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

If you do not make the internet your second home, you cannot impact this generation by becoming a Trillionaire. I am information crazy. I am an information geek. I live for information.

I’m always searching for information. I believe without a shadow of doubt that information craziness is the way to becoming a Trillionaire. This is why I take this issue very seriously. This is why I am against anyone living in any country where access to information is limited by a none super fast internet access or electricity. Get one thing clear now in your mind, you will never become a Trillionaire if you are not information crazy.

I see people in civilized economies wasting their time on the internet dating and playing internet games and I am in awe at the fact that they do not know what they hold in their hands in terms of what the internet can do for them.

The future belongs to those who are internet crazy. The generation of Bill Gates and Warren Buffet is passing away and they will hand over their wealth status or positions to only information crazy geeks, wizards that understand that the internet and being information crazy is the fastest way to becoming super rich and Trillionaires.

How much of an information geek are you? How crazy are you about information? How much time do you spend gathering information and researching on the internet? How do you analyze and assimilate information? What do you do with the information you know? What actions do you take daily to make yourself a Trillionaire by the information you possess?

Becoming a Trillionaire can be easy only for information geeks. Knowing it all can make you arrogant but it’s the way to becoming super rich. The rich of this world are information geeks.

They are always one step ahead of the poor of this world by the information they have gathered and used. They are always leading and others following them because of the power of the knowledge they possess.

You can chose to either waste your time on the television set or on playing games and dating girls on the internet or you can use the television set and the internet to be your greatest sources of information gathering.

The rich watch television strategically. They watch only that which adds value to them. They have no time for anything on television that is not increasing their knowledge or their ability to make more money.

They focus on information daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. Show me your focus and I will tell you where you are going and if you are going to be a Trillionaire. Show me what you spend your time on and I will predict your destiny.

Be an information geek. Be information crazy. Invest your time and money on gathering information. You can never become a nobody when you become tremendously informed. When you are tremendously informed, it gives you the confidence to express yourself wonderfully.

It gives you the power to become all that you can be. It gives you favor with them that matter anywhere in the world because you will be the go to guy for any information that is needed. It opens unlimited doors of access and wealth to you. Information is power.

The rich keep their eyes and ears peeled on gathering and assimilating information. They are always information hungry. They will give anybody access to themselves if the person is bringing valuable information.

They respect those that are well informed. They know that without information they are nothing in this world. The major difference between the rich and the poor is that the rich are well informed while the poor know nothing.

The rich spend millions and sometimes billions of dollars gathering and assimilating information. They don’t mind attending ten thousand dollars seminars, conferences and retreats.

Tell the poor to attend any one of these conferences and they will be quick to say it’s out of my league and I can’t afford it but these same poor people won’t mind spending ten thousand dollars in a casino game or in playing the lottery or at the club or in hosting a party.

The rich invest in their personal libraries. They spend a fortune building and keeping libraries at home and in their offices. They never build a home without several libraries. They are always in their personal study, reading and assimilating information and knowledge.

Solomon the richest man in the world became rich and wise by study and his dedication to information and knowledge. He said love wisdom and knowledge and they shall promote you. Bill Gates had an understanding by study and research that the ultimate product in this world would be software that can run a computer’s operating system and he developed Windows to meet that need.

Ask Bill Gates and he will tell you he became all that he has become by being an information geek, by becoming information crazy and by studying extensively.

Wisdom Key: You become a Trillionaire by becoming information crazy.