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Can you tell me why you shouldn’t be a Trillionaire? Can you tell me why if others are going to be Trillionaires, you should not be one too. I bet you; if you will only but search your heart with all sincerity you will discover that there is no reason why you shouldn’t be a Trillionaire.

There is absolutely no reason on earth why man that is made in the image of God should not be a Trillionaire. If you were made in the image of a Baboon, I can understand and comprehend why you do not want to be a Trillionaire because a couple of bananas would be just perfect for you, but if you were made in the image of God and are a child/son of God, there is no reason under heaven why you should not be a Trillionaire.

Start thinking Trillions from today. Start dealing with all your fears. You were born to be a Trillionaire. Say it right now. I am a Trillionaire. You will be a Trillionaire if you will keep confessing your Trillionaire status to the whole world. I was speaking to a friend and I told her that the mouth controls all the nerves in the human body. Your nerves will listen and obey the command from your mouth when you tell them you are a Trillionaire and they will all collaboratively assist you in becoming a Trillionaire.

So what are you going to do with your Trillionaire status? More than ever, there is only one major reason to seek a Trillionaire status and that’s to be a blessing to your generation. How do you become a blessing to your generation?

You become a blessing to your generation by being a solution provider. Who do you think all the charities in the world are contacting for donations and assistance. Of course they are contacting the millionaires and billionaires of our generation for financial assistance.

Whose money is feeding the poor? Whose money is taking care of the sick? Whose money is saving lives? Whose money is changing our world? Whose money is affecting all of us consciously and unconsciously?

It’s the money of the rich. Whose attention is required if there is a problem anywhere? It’s the attention of the rich. Whose offices are loaded with proposal after proposal? It’s the offices of the rich. Who do you think is employing all the job seekers? It’s the rich.

Who do you think the media and presidents of nations listen to? They listen to the rich. Who do you think are the king makers in any nation? It’s the rich. How do they do all these lofty things? They let their money do the talking.

Do you want to have unlimited influence in this world, then seek to be a Trillionaire. Pursue it with all your heart. Refuse to accept the status quo and say what I have is enough for me. What you have can never be enough except you are selfish, self centered and greedy.

Yes that’s the only reason for satisfaction. You say what I have is enough when you are not thinking of the billions you can help and save with more money.

Mother Theresa was a great woman that sought to help billions in her life time, but she can tell you with all sincerity of purpose that her greatest need had always been money to help the poor. Nothing she ever had was ever enough.

Take a trip to Africa and see suffering. Go to India and see suffering. Go to Asia and see suffering. Even South America has millions suffering. Don’t you see that poor old widow next door? Can’t a few thousand dollars from you make a tremendous difference in her life? Don’t you see the poor on the streets every day? Can’t a few thousands from you make a lot of difference in their lives? Even Jesus and Mohammed urged their disciples never to forget the poor.

The truth is that if you are not seeking to be a Trillionaire, it’s clear you have no thoughts what so ever about the poor and you are not a giver in any way and as such can never become a Trillionaire because you do not have the giving spirit.

That’s why I say Trillionaires are sowers, always seeking opportunity to sow seeds. Why do Trillionaires sow seeds? They sow seeds because they know that the only way to multiply their empires is by giving more to the society they live in.

They understand the law of the harvest that says what so ever good thing a man does the same and more shall he receive from God. This is so because you always harvest more than you plant. Don’t let the global economic down turn stop you from giving.

Every man has a million ways he can give. It’s not true that you have nothing to give. We all have something to give. Remember the widow who gave her last two mites? If she can do it then you can too.

If you don’t know what to give then give to me by buying a thousand copies of this book and distributing to a thousand friends and see if when these people become great they will forget you.

This small insignificant seed can travel miles into your destiny and give you unlimited harvests that you may never be able to comprehend all your life. So why not become a Trillionaire today? Why not take the challenge and go for it big time.

Records are meant to be broken. The 4 minutes a mile running record was broken only when men began to think they could break it. The 10 seconds hundred meters record was broken when men began to think they could break it.

The billion dollar mark was broken only when men began to think they could break it. The same is true for the Trillion dollars mark. It can only be broken when men begin to think its breakable.

I say again with all authority that the financial records of Carlos Slim Helu, Bill Gates and Warren Buffet shall be broken indeed when men begin to believe that their records are no big deal and can be broken.

Be among the financial record breakers of this generation. Desire to own a Trillion dollars and then some more. After all, the current financial whiz kids of our generation who are billionaires do not have ten heads.

If they can do it with their one head, then that’s proof beyond a shadow of a doubt that you too can indeed have a Trillion dollars and be a Trillionaire indeed with your one head. If anybody is going to be a Trillionaire, it must be you.

Zero your mind on this and pursue this goal with unrelenting focus, determination and speed.

Anakwe Joseph Chimeleze
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