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If you will change everything will change for you.

Change is the only thing that is constant when it comes to becoming a Trillionaire. Unless you change, you can never become a Trillionaire. To become a Trillionaire you must change. The change I am talking about must come from within you.

I’m not talking about an external change that comes from outside of you but I’m talking of an internal change in everything that concerns you and your financial destiny. People who refuse to change can never become Trillionaires.

If you continue doing the things that you have been doing all your life, you will keep getting the same results that you have been getting. In order to get different results, you must change. The purpose of this book is to bring financial change to your destiny and thinking forever.

You are what you are today by all the changes that have taken place in your life. People are always looking to others for change in their lives and this is why they fail. Nothing outside you can change you. Only you have the power to make the decision to change your life.

No connection in this world with anyone affluent or rich can change you. No new job with any company or miracle or adversity can change you if you do not want to change. If you really want to change, it must start from within you and not from outside you.

You are the change that you want in your life and only you can change you. It is your responsibility and yours alone to change your destiny by changing yourself internally first. If you read all the master secrets that we teach you in this book and you refuse to change by not putting to practice all that we teach you, you will never become a Trillionaire.

If you will change, everything will change for you. This is no lie but the blatant truth. Change is inevitable when it comes to your success in life. The people that become super rich in life are always changing. What matters is not even the amount of money you accumulate but what you become in the process of acquiring this money. What you become is always in line with the changes that are occurring in your life daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is why a millionaire can lose all his money and regain it again because of what he became in acquiring the initial millions. It is the same for a billionaire.

Change starts with the renewing of your mind and thinking. Remember the golden rule of success: you become what you think about. For true change to take place in your life, you must change your thinking. When I say change starts from within, I am talking of change that starts with a change in thinking and in the mind.

You have to change your thinking in thousands of areas. This is why the bible talks about renewing your mind daily by reading and meditating on the words of God. This is the major way to remove stinking thinking from your mind and it works in the same way when it comes to financial success and greatness. You must change your thinking about money, wealth, the rich and riches. You must change your habits; in most cases a change in jobs is necessary. You must change your thinking about the world, about traveling, about investments, about products and services.

Change is necessary in every aspect of your life if you are ever going to become a Trillionaire. You must change your reading habits as a man who can read and does not read is no different from a man who can’t read at all.

Change is the only way to a Trillionaire status. You must leave the norm and go for the abnormal. You must leave the comfortable and go for the uncomfortable. You must make the hard and difficult decisions that will change your financial destiny forever. You must take genuine risks.

You must pay the price for success if you intend to reap the benefits of success. Poverty is a result of a refusal of the poor to change. You must change your lifestyle if you intend to become a Trillionaire. You must become disciplined and focused on your goals and objectives.

All these are what a genuine decision to change will cause. There is a cause and effect to everything. The cause and effect of changing is success and the cause and effectt of not changing is poverty and failure. If you change you will become a Trillionaire indeed.

You do not need a prophet to tell you to change. You must arise and speak to yourself and tell yourself the truth. It is hard for the poor to tell themselves the truth. I don’t know why this is so. There is absolutely no one holding you from becoming all that you want to be other than you and your stern refusal to change.

Why don’t people change? They don’t change because they like the status quo. They like where they are. Until you become uncomfortable and dissatisfied with where you are, you will never seek change. When I was a drug addict, I didn’t want to change because I loved drugs, but when I realized that my destiny was more important to me and my family than the drugs, I quit the drugs and decided to change my destiny.

Today I can write this book with confidence because I have gone through some very powerful changes in my life. It all began when I decided to change.

Leave the things that are making you not to change behind and go for your dreams and goals. These things are not worth it in the long run. They are all hindrances to the true changes that you want in life. Your destiny is greater than any hindrance to change. Sometimes the hindrance to change can be friends, family, connections, addictions, a job, security etc. Whatever the hindrance, let it go today as this is the only way to your success, greatness and to your becoming a Trillionaire. Remember, if you will change, everything will change for you.

The external changes you want in your life and destiny will only happen in your life when you change internally and when you become better than ever educationally than you have ever been in your life. This is why your primary focus in deciding to become a Trillionaire must start and finish from within you.

Make a decision today to change everything in your life without looking back at your past. Both your successes and failures are in your past which is not your future. Dream a new dream of becoming a trillionaire today. As long as you are alive please make every moment count positively.

Wisdom Key: Until you become uncomfortable with where you are, you will never seek your future.

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