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It’s a little at a time that gets your trillions built.

A little money at a time gets your Trillions of dollars built. If you can take it one step at a time, you can become a Trillionaire. All you need is consistent focus and a strong determination to be a Trillionaire.

They say “a journey to Rome starts with one step at a time”. This is true. You will get your Trillions of dollars if you can take it one step at a time. You cannot be a Trillionaire by accident or by sudden flight.

It’s a gradual process of building and multiplying scarce resources daily. It might seem to you that the task of becoming a Trillionaire is an impossible one but it’s just your mind playing games with you.

The world’s billionaires all started their quest for their billions of dollars a little at a time. A little here and a little there, then they multiplied their little and they became bigger and bigger daily with consistent focus on the goal of becoming a rich.

You can indeed become a Trillionaire but it’s going to happen a little at a time. What’s that little financial idea you have had all this while? Do something about it and more ideas will flow in to multiply the little idea that you have.

When you think that your little efforts cannot produce great results, it will be to you according to your faith. Remember, its tiny hinges that swing big doors so know that your little success will make your Trillions of dollars.

Why are people not making the little efforts that they can make to become Trillionaires? The reason is that we all think that if we are not getting big results immediately we are not yet on our way to becoming Trillionaires.

You are on your way to becoming a Trillionaire by your little effort of buying and reading this book. This is where it all starts. At this stage, your mind and thinking has changed and you are beginning to meditate on the concept of making a Trillion dollars and more so I know that you will indeed become a Trillionaire.

A seed is all that is needed to make a tree and a tree will give birth to a billion or Trillion trees but you have to start with your seed. Take your idea and work on it. No one said it was going to be easy to make a Trillion dollars but you can build a Trillion dollars and more with patience and consistency.

Once the mind of a man is stretched by an idea, it can never return to the original settings. I know your mind has been stretched by the idea of becoming a Trillionaire so I am confident you will be one.

Believe in yourself and your dream of becoming a Trillionaire and start small immediately and you will definitely get to the top. Keep multiplying your little efforts. They may not seem like giant steps but they are really giant steps in the disguise of small inconsequential steps.

Everything big started small and the small steps you take will make the huge differences that you require to become a Trillionaire.

How positive are you about your small little steps? Your ability to stay positive on your way to becoming a Trillionaire will make all the difference. This is why I am trying to make you understand that these small little steps that you take daily will make a huge difference.

The slowest part of any building that anybody will intend to build or has built is always the foundation. It’s the foundation because if it’s going to be real big, the foundation must be solid enough to carry the structure. Once the foundation is ready and it’s done strategically and slowly with little enough steps, it’s always very easy for the building to go right up with speed.

The rich understand these things and this is why they do not hesitate to take any small steps they must take to fulfill their dreams and ideas even if they may seem inconsequential and the financial resources may be lacking.

They know that it’s the failure to start with the small steps that hinder anything big from getting done or being achieved. The rich love to take small steps but they in no way think that taking those small steps are inconsequential.

They know that if they take small steps and wait for the opportunity for the big steps to be taken, with time the opportunity will come and they would have prepared adequately for the big step by having taken those small inconsequential steps at the beginning.

Even if it’s a cash problem, taking the small steps guarantees that the cash will be made available for the big steps. Money is attracted to small steps. Money knows where it’s needed. Money knows who wants it and when. Money goes to only those who are ready to receive it and have done the little they can do without it and are waiting for it to show up.

You see my friend, if you are not taking those small steps, you will not identify the money that is sent to you as money for the big steps and you will waste it or misuse it. This is why those small steps are the most important steps you can take to become a Trillionaire.

Money is waiting for confirmation that you have done the little things that money cannot do and are now waiting for the big things that only money can do. When it receives this confirmation from your attitude and actions, it will show up.

This is why you must have the right attitude and take the right actions at all times. You never have a money problem; you always have an attitude problem. Money is always waiting for you to prove that you really need it and have qualified yourself for it by the little things you have done to attract it.

It’s by doing a little at a time that you multiply yourself financially and become a Trillionaire. Start today to build your Trillions by doing the little so called little inconsequential things.

Wisdom Key: Money knows where it’s wanted or needed and it eventually goes there.

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