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Know the five best areas of investments where loses are rarely possible.

There are five major areas in life and business that if you invest in, you are never likely to lose. There are more areas but these five are the specific ones that human beings can never do without and so there will always be a market for anyone investing in these areas, a market of over nine billion people in the short run and twelve billion people and more in the long run by 2025.

After 2025, the markets for these products and services will be too large because the world’s global population will be just too large and these are compulsory needs that man cannot do without. This is why you must not hesitate to start investing in these areas today as being an early starter guarantees you a greater market in the future with lots of money to be made.

These areas are: land, shelter, transportation, clothing and food.

Land is the greatest investment you can invest in because land can be used for different things and will soon be scarce. With nine billion plus people in our world that need to both feed and have shelter and with the world’s population doubling any time in future, land will be the greatest asset anybody can have in the future.

Land will be used for agricultural purposes, accommodation for both office and residential uses and for location of factories and industries. Investments in land will always give good returns on investments if it is properly used, bought on time and strategically located.

Shelter is another powerful area of investments. Nine billion people have to be accommodated. When the world’s population multiplies by 2025 to twelve billion people, all these people have to be properly accommodated both on the residential and office levels.

Anyone investing in properties will always have returns on his investments. This is another powerful area that you cannot afford to neglect. Start investing in shelter for both office and residential purposes.

Transportation, whether it be by land, air or sea, nine billion people and more by 2025 (twelve billion people) have to be transported from one area to another for different tasks and purposes. Traveling globally will reach an unprecedented scale and size.

Movements of cargoes internationally will know no limits. Investing in airlines, trains, buses, ships and cars is bond to guarantee tremendous returns on investment for the wise investor.

This is why the airplane, cars, ship, trains and buses manufacturers will continue to make money because everyone wants the latest in all these assets.

Clothing is another one that you cannot lose in. Over nine billion people of our world and twelve billion by 2025 have to be clothed. The industry will continue to grow tremendously without any setbacks especially during the winter where more costly apparel will be needed.

The fashion industry also includes shoes which every one of these twelve billion people must have by 2025. Some will have only one shoe as compared to others who can afford it having a hundred and above shoes. The thing about the clothing and shoes industry is the multiplier effect in the sense that shoes and clothing must be changed every three years at most and for the super rich every six months.

This will guarantee tremendous returns on investments for those who continuously invest in the fashion industry especially in mass production of clothing.

Feeding is another one. Nine billion people and more need to feed and by 2025 that would be twelve billion people, investing in food, agriculture and value added services in these areas like packaging and food processing, restaurants guarantees a continuous return on investment as long as you know what it is you are doing.

Feeding the world will be more difficult by 2025 and you can already see how important this sector is by the current high prices of food globally. This is why bio technology is being introduced in agriculture to speed up the ability of man to feed the world.

Investing in anything related to food will guarantee returns on investment. There are other areas like Information technology and software, technology in all ramifications, education, industries, energy, especially green technology, defense etc that the over nine billion people on our earth will need continuously and can never do without.

The rich know that as long as the world’s population continues to increase, these markets will always exist and that is why they invest heavily in these areas and they rarely ever lose as long as they have done their due diligence before they invested.

Get in on the game of life and wealth accumulation today. Invest heavily in what people need and cannot do without and you are bound to make Trillions of dollars as long as your products and services meet strategic needs that people cannot do without.

Be the first and be the best. This is the secret of the world’s billionaires and this is why they continue to make money because they are always investing based on the market and the market needs.

Becoming a Trillionaire can be easy if you will follow your common sense in making investment decisions.

Wisdom Key: Let the markets size and need determine what you invest in
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