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Never think you know it all.

Never ever think you know it all. When you get to a level where you think you now know it all, you will not grow anymore. To become a Trillionaire, you must keep growing and learning all your life by knowledge.

The reason why the poor remain poor is because they think they know it all. The rich on the other hand never ever think they know it all, in fact they keep telling themselves daily that they know nothing in spite of the fact that they know a whole lot more than ninety five percent of the world’s population.

The poor think that once they have a degree they do not need any more knowledge and so they do not seek any more knowledge. As far as they are concerned they now know it all by having a degree.

A degree is a good thing but it’s just the first level of knowledge in the real world. Even when you have a doctor (P.H.D.) in any major, you still do not know anything as you ought to know. The rich keep learning until they die.

No amount of educational accolades deters the rich from learning daily. This is why they become super rich because they are always pursuing knowledge and they never accept that they know anything but keep on seeking to learn more daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

They invest in books, attend seminars and conferences, buy tapes on any topic they want to be conversant with, seek the knowledge and wisdom of experts, sit under mentors, submit to the authority of them they feel know more than them, always learning, always studying, always seeking to know more than they knew a day before and this is why they become super rich.

Poverty is a state of the mind that really starts by a decision not to educate oneself daily. It starts with a false confidence in a degree. Due to the fact that when you leave school, you are no more taking tests and examinations, this does not mean that you should no more study the way you used to study for examinations and tests anymore all your life. Success in life is the substitute for tests and examinations in the real world. Even when you present your research paper that guarantees you your degree, it doesn’t mean the end of researching in your life but rather, it’s the beginning of researching in your life.

The poor are always too excited to finish schooling in the university for one primary reason and that’s because to them, it’s the end of study but to the student with a rich mindset, they are excited about finishing school because they know it’s time for the practical’s of what they have learnt in school and time for them to learn more than ever on their own.

To the student with the rich mindset, they know that after school it’s time for personal education and research, it’s time to do the things they have always thought about and wanted to do. It’s time to learn a whole lot more.

The rich are always learning, always seeking to know more, always feeling they know nothing. This makes them have a teachable spirit and gives them the spirit of humility. They want to learn more.

How do you feel about your current educational level? It’s personal education that makes the difference in your life after you get your degree. Due to the fact that you have a degree and a secure job, it will be your worst folly to stop educating yourself. This is the mistake the poor make daily and in all their life and this is why they are poor.

The rich keep learning, they want to be always in the know. They know that knowledge is power. They know that their true greatness is not the amount of money they have in their pockets but the amount of knowledge they possess.

Even when their amount of knowledge is very high, they still grade themselves as not knowing anything. Never ever think that you now know it all. Never refuse to buy a book or tape because you feel you have become a master of a particular topic.

No matter how much you read, reread and study daily, you can never know it all. No matter how much you teach, you can never know it all. No matter how long you have been doing a particular thing, you can never know it all.

It takes humility to always tell oneself I know nothing and I want to learn more. The reason why people feel they know it all is because of pride, pride in their educational and business accomplishments. They think they have known it all because of their degrees, masters and phds.

Always be humble and you will always learn a lot more. Your knowledge will always determine your wealth and if your wealth is minimal, it means you know very little. Even I in all my knowledge, experience and skills, I still feel I know nothing and this is why I continually seek to learn something new every day.

I do not ever intend to stop learning until the day I die. This is the attitude you must have all the time if you are ever going to become a Trillionaire. Your altitude in life will depend on your knowledge.

I have noticed that every time in my life I start to think I now know it all, I start failing or losing. I remain stagnant and I start living anyhow. This is why I am continuously telling myself I know nothing and I need to read more and learn more.

Knowledge is always attracted to people with an I know nothing mindset and I need to know more. This is why there is an adage that says “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear”. When the student has an I know nothing mindset and I want to know, then teachers willingly teach him because at this point he is ready to learn, humble and teachable.

You cannot pour water into a full cup but if the glass is empty, it will be easy to refill it. If you pour water into a full cup, you will only waste it. You can’t teach a person anything when he or she feels they know it all and this is where another adage comes that says “you can’t teach an old dog new trick”.

Wisdom Key: Remain empty if you want to be full.