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Stay on that thought until it is fulfilled  

Great men continue thinking on a particular thought until it’s fulfilled. Why do people fail in accomplishing their dreams? They don't stay on their thoughts long enough to see it fulfilled. They get distracted and that thought becomes just a thought.

Thoughts are things only when you stay on them long enough to see them fulfilled. Everyday, thoughts or ideas of money making ventures come to our mind. We think about them for only a few minutes and we say great I will do this someday and make money but we never stay long enough thinking on the idea to see its fulfillment so we abandon it or rather forget it.

Wisdom key: A pen and paper never forgets a thing.

This is why having a journal where you can jot your ideas is very important. Once you write it down in your journal you can maintain a consistent focus each time you read what you wrote in your journal.
As long as you are thinking on these ideas for as long as it takes to get them fulfilled, you will definitely do and become them. But if you forget about them or if you stop thinking about it, you lose it. You forget and abandon it. 

This is what a website does too. It acts as a thought re-activator as each time you think of your website idea and go there, you are refocusing on the original thought that made you build the website in the first place.

Why do you think I opened the Trillionaire Mentorship Network on Facebook and I built a website for our network? I will tell you why. I opened it to help people keep thinking about a Trillion dollars especially myself. I don't want the thought of a trillion dollars to ever leave my mind.

I know that if I can stay focused on making a trillion dollars for the rest of my life I will eventually get it because through this group I can always keep thinking of my trillion dollars till I get it. I'm keeping my thoughts focused on making a trillion dollars.

I don't want it to be just a thought. I want it to be real in my life. Likewise, you have just made a trillion dollars remain in your mind forever by buying and reading this book and practicing the concepts of this book for a life time.

As long as you keep reading this book monthly, what do you think will happen to your focus on a trillion dollars each time you reread this book? You will keep asking yourself daily, how do I make a trillion dollars?

Yes, you will stay focused on the thought of making a trillion dollars and it won’t be just a mere thought because sooner than later, answers to the question will come to your mind. Why will the answers come to your mind? It’s because you are focused on the thought.

It’s not a mere thought anymore, it’s been printed on your mind that its possible as nothing is impossible to them that believe and to them that keep thinking on any thought until its fulfilled. You become what you think about.

Anything you want in your life, simply design ways and means to keep that idea in your mind until it’s fulfilled. If you ever forget a thought of wealth it will be a mere thought, but thoughts are things only when you keep thinking on them till they get or become fulfilled.

Your enemies target is to make you forget your thoughts, dreams and ideas. That’s what drugs and an irresponsible uncultured life do to you and many other people who distract you from your thoughts. Nobody wants you thinking. As long as you are not thinking, they say you are under control.

When you start really thinking, you become uncontrollable and unstoppable and they start saying you are insane and mad. Why will they say that, because you have just become a genius? A genius is a man who thinks and talks differently.

Every great thinker was branded a mad man when he or she began to think and declare great things he wanted to do especially scientists and they were always told their dreams were impossible, unrealistic and unattainable, but as soon as they accomplished the so called impossible feat they were branded geniuses.

Think Think Think. Stay focused on your thinking till the thought becomes a reality. Never let a thought of wealth accumulation die. Find ways to keep your mind on the thought or idea. This is the way to unlimited wealth and success. This is the way to becoming a Trillionaire.

I celebrate your Trillions and I thank you for buying my book, but my greatest joy will be to hear that you are one of the Trillionaires in this century and that my book inspired you to become all that you can be.

To your success and greatness.

Anakwe Joseph Chimeleze