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Unique and great executive decisions create wealth.
What are the unique and great decisions you are making today? It’s the unique and great decisions that you make today that will guarantee your destiny tomorrow. Your ability to make unique and great decisions concerning your life and destiny will guarantee you become a Trillionaire.

The world’s billionaires have become billionaires by their unique and great decisions. How do you make decisions daily? What are the factors you consider in making decisions? Who are the counselors that guide you in decision making?

What are your expectations in making decisions? What philosophy do you base your decision making on?
Your answers to all these questions and more will determine if you will become a Trillionaire.

Decisions are like seeds. You reap your harvests based on your decisions. Are you swift in making decisions? Are your decisions results oriented? Are your decisions destinies changing? Are your decisions financially viable?

Are your decisions made on long term bases or short term bases? Are your decisions confidence building? Are your decisions simply great and excellent? To become a Trillionaire, you must make effective and efficient excellent decisions daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.

As a chief executive, your decisions will either make you or destroy you. The rich are excellent decision makers. The rich make their decisions expertly. The rich consult with the best before making their final decisions.

The rich make decisions for the long term and not for the short term. The rich know that their decisions will determine their destinies. The rich make consistent wise decisions daily, weekly, monthly and yearly. This is why they become rich.

To make excellent decisions, you must know and consider the following thoroughly:

· Is this decision in line with the will of God?
· Do I have all the facts relating to this decision?
· What are the long term and short term effects of this decision?
· Who do I need to consult concerning this decision?
· When is the deadline for this decision to be made?
· Do I need to wait a little for the facts to change concerning this decision?
· What are the financial implications of these decisions?
· What are the other benefits of these decisions?
· Who gets hurt and who gains by these decisions?
· What is the law concerning this decision?
· What other factors do I need to consider in making this decision?
· What research is required to make an effective decision?
· What knowledge is required for this decision?
· What skills are required in making this decision?
· What is the cost of this decision?
· What are my options concerning this decisions?
· What are the conditions that will enable this decision to be excellent?
· What risks am I taking in making these decisions?

There are other questions that the rich ask themselves before making decisions. Each decision will be different but they all matter and they all determine if you will become a Trillionaire or not. It’s a false belief that all decisions do not matter.

Every single decision you make in your life time matters because you are currently the sum total of all your decisions till date. This is why your decisions have to be made by an excellent judgment. You are your own judge in decision making.

You will be held accountable for your decisions. Your judgment is your destiny in disguise. Decision making is just too important to be taken likely. The rich do not make decisions on likely bases. They must be hundred percent sure and fully persuaded that they are making the right decision before they make them.

They do not make decisions in a hurry. They do not let other people make their decisions for them or convince them to make a particular decision. They may delegate where they trust the judgment of the person they have delegated power to but they do not take likely the decisions they themselves must make.

They will consider the expert counsel of professionals but they know the final decision is theirs to make. Wealth and money are the products of good and excellent executive decisions. To be a good decision maker, you must always see yourself as an executive or should I say as a chief executive officer who has considered all the facts thoroughly on a long term bases.

You must know that the destiny of not just yourself but millions of people lies in your hands and in your decisions. You must take full responsibility for your decisions and actions. There are bad effects to bad decisions. Bad decisions will destroy your establishment in the long run. Bad decisions can get you in jail. Bad decisions can cost you millions or even billions or even trillions of dollars, this is why you must avoid bad decisions like people avoiding a plague. You are your decisions.

You must make decision making a very important thing in your life. You must make decisions with the greatest wisdom that you posses. Unique and excellent executive decisions create wealth.

Wisdom Key: Your decisions determine your destiny.



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