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You are the sum total of your philosophy about life and money.

What’s your philosophy about life? If you think life is unfair then life will be unfair to you. If you think the government is responsible for the circumstances in your life then you will keep looking to the government to change your destiny for you.

If you think your company is responsible for making you rich then you will be poor because your company will never do that rather they will retire and fire you. When I was in my country, I blamed the government for everything because I was taught the government was responsible for everything.

When there was no electricity, I blamed the government and the political parties, but when I realized my destiny was in my own hands and I was responsible for my own success, I stopped blaming the government and the political parties and decided to move to a country with 24 hrs electricity.

The government will never change no matter who rules. The government of today will remain the government of tomorrow and they will never ever get things right. As soon as my philosophy changed, my destiny financially began to change.

For a long time my philosophy was that no man could become a Trillionaire. As soon as I changed my philosophy on this issue, I started having faith to become a Trillionaire. What’s your philosophy about your health? Your health will take care of itself naturally, of course not, you need to both eat right and exercise.

This is the only way you can stay healthy. It’s not that complicated. It’s just that you have the wrong philosophy about health and this is why people fall sick all the time. They have the wrong philosophy about health.

Your philosophy of life and money will determine your financial destiny. Your philosophy of life is based most of the time on the things you have passed through and on what you have been taught all your life.

Some have been taught by their parents that money is evil. With this type of thinking and thought, how can you pursue wealth? Most of the time this is just an excuse given by poor parents to justify their poverty. They come up with words like “things are hard and difficult”. So why wont things be hard and difficult for them since they are confessing it everyday.

Wisdom Key: As a man thinketh in his heart so he is.

Some have been taught all their lives that the rich are all fraudulent people who get rich by cheating people. How can you desire to be rich with this kind of thought? Others have been taught all their lives to go to school, get an education and then a job, so when they get a job they relax and feel that is all to life and depend on their meager wages.

Some think that the way to getting rich is by investing in stocks and bonds with their meager wages with prayer and with patience that they become rich that way.

People do just this and hope to get rich. They do not become rich because they have the wrong philosophy. A job will never make you rich. A job means Just Over Broke J.O.B. When you want to be rich, you must go into business for yourself. Look at Jeff Bezos the richest man in the world. He founded Amazon. Look at Bill Gates, the second richest man in the world, he founded Microsoft.

This wrong philosophical thinking makes people hope and believe that they will get or grow rich if they work their jobs 24 hrs, 7 days a week and 30 days a month and 365 days a year faithfully. To their shock in their old age they only get a watch or gift of sorts and a retirement package and they then start struggling to get their pensions and gratuity.

Many have died with this realization in their old age. Many have even committed suicide at this realization that they have wasted forty to fifty years of their lives working for a company that didn’t care about what happened to them or their destiny.

Some have been taught that it’s your connections that make the difference in your life and they have hoped on their fellow man all their lives to change their destinies for them. In the end they have faced disappointment after disappointment as numerous men that they have hoped in have failed them.

The truth is that your destiny is in your hands and only you can change it by a genuine decision to become all you can be. All you can be is a Trillion dollars and more. Believe me when I tell you this.

Some have been taught that money is difficult to come by. The truth is that money is easy to come by. You can get a Trillion dollars and more if you will focus on the dream of getting a Trillion dollars and more. Money is easy to come by. If you think I am lying ask Bill Gates or Jeff Bezos.

To Bill, to get more money is to simply create another software or product or service that the world will want and the money starts flowing in. All these teachings and more are all false and do not guarantee riches in any way.

If you are ever going to become a Trillionaire, you must change your philosophy of life and money. You are the sum total of all your judgments till date. To change your destiny, you must change your philosophy about money.

What’s your philosophy about money? The right philosophy about money is that money answers all things and it must be gotten in abundant quantities no matter what. In summary money is a good thing in the hands of good people.

Money will make my family and I live in abundance and great comfort so it’s worth pursuing and getting. Money will pay medical bills, buy a good home, earn you respect, promote and uplift the owner, enable you afford an excellent education for the kids. Etc.

Money is good period. Lots of it is also good to meet just not your own needs but the needs of the larger global community in which you live. Money buys drugs, food and clothes. Money in your pocket or bank is confidence directly or indirectly.

Money solves problems. Money is good. Ask a mother in Africa who can’t feed her children if money is good and she will tell you with a resounding yes that money after God almighty is everything to her. Those who live in developed countries take a lot of things for granted because the government of these countries provides a lot of free stuff for them like welfare, health care etc.

This has made them believe that the government should take care of them and that it’s not their responsibility to pursue money and be rich. Money is not evil; it’s the love of money that’s evil. Change your philosophy about money and money will be attracted to you.

People’s philosophy about money is the sole reason why the poor are poor. The poor are poor because their philosophy about money is wrong. They think there is never enough money. How can they be rich when they think all the time that they never have enough money or there is never enough money to go round to everybody?

People who have a philosophy of “I am satisfied with what I have and where I am” will never get the true riches in life until they change their philosophy about life and money. The truth is that there is enough money in this earth to share a Trillion dollars to the six billion people in it and there will still be lots more for governments to spend, live and administer with.

It’s your philosophy about making a Trillion dollars and more that’s stopping you from making a Trillion dollars and more. Yes your philosophy says it is impossible for you but mine says it’s possible for me and that’s why I will make a Trillion dollars and more.

Ask Bill Gates or Warren Buffet or Carlos Slim Helu or Jeff Bezos if making a billion dollars is difficult for them and they will tell you it’s the easiest thing in the world for them not because they are rich or billionaires but because they have the right philosophy about money and wealth.

Money solves problems. Different types of problems are solved by money. Feeding, accommodation, clothing, transportation, sickness or health problems etc are a few of the general problems money solves. Money cannot be evil. It is only evil in the hands of evil men.

When you have the right philosophy about money and wealth, nothing will stop you or can stop you from becoming a Trillionaire and super rich. What’s your philosophy about greatness? Greatness is for people who want to be great.

You can never be what you do not want or desire. The people who are great are great because they wanted to be great. They thought about greatness all their lives and they became great.

Look at Joseph in the bible, right from the age of 12 years he had a dream of greatness and he held on to that dream and at 30 years of age he became prime minister of Egypt. You too can be great if and when you change your thinking.

Don’t think that greatness is for people that are born with a golden spoon. That is not true. Greatness is for those that dream it, believe it and work towards it until they achieve it.   

Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Matma Gandhi and Barrack Obama became great because they pursued greatness and not because they were born with a golden spoon. If you will change your philosophy about life and money, you will become both a Trillionaire and a very successful individual that will affect his generation greatly.

Change your philosophy today because this is where true wealth and riches starts from. The government will never help you to become whatever you want to become so stop depending on the elections, the party that wins and who becomes president to change your life and destiny for you.

If it’s going to be its up to you and you alone and it all starts with your beliefs and philosophy about greatness, money and riches.

Wisdom Key: You become what you think about daily.


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